Here's our new video for Sludge. Thanks to everyone who submitted an isolation video, we wish we could have included them all!

When we wrote Sludge we had no idea that these isolated times would ever present themselves. Now we find ourselves physically distant from another but connected in our work and play through the technologies that we’re now so grateful to have.

We were amazed when we saw that visual artist Ali Amiri had uploaded a clip in isolation from Tehran, scanning his surroundings to our music. We worked with Ali and Warp and asked our fans to submit a 360º video of wherever they’re locking down, which we then made a music video out of!  As our shows are cancelled and loads of our plans have been put to bed for now, we wanted to bring people together in this way instead, by sharing an insight into everyone’s isolation stations.

After looking through all the videos it was really interesting to see how spatially different everyone's situation is but how they're all tied together through the same feeling of isolation. Some videos were claustrophobic, others showed deserted cityscapes and some even featured other people but they all had a lingering feeling of loneliness and uncertainty.